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Newberg Dog Training Class Information

There is no age limit for how young or how old the dog is that you would like to train.

 Any puppy who wishes to be in a class needs to be, and stay, up to date on their vaccines, which are normally given at 8, 12, 16 weeks of age for puppies.  (Parvo is a very preventable, highly contagious, and very deadly virus)

The first class will be an introduction to the clicker, allowing you and your dog to become familiar with new surroundings, dog social skills, and the beginning of recall

Wk1: Intro to clicker, loading the clicker, familiarize pups with new area, socializing, and name recognition.   Sit, Down, Start Heel work

Wk2: Heel, Recall, & Socializing

Wk3: Drop it, Leave it, Recall, & Socializing

Wk4: Wait, Recall,Stay, & Socializing
(classes subject to change according to the needs of the dogs in the class)

I can also help with behavioral issues (such as leash aggression or aversion) Barking, and jumping on people

I do offer a "Tricks" course where we can teach anything you would like (must have most basics down), or some of my favorites:

High 5, Shake, Roll Over, Army Crawl, Jump (through a hoop and over hurdle), Touch (great aid to help in other trick areas), Find it and Clean up

Potty Training:
 I teach you (and your dog) how to ring a bell to let you know when he needs to go out.  I also will offer tips for your house and for your family.  I highly recommend the Potty Training Puppy Apartment as a way of helping crate train and avoiding accidents in the house.  Below is a link to what that is:Puppy Potty Training Apartment (crate)