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Chehalem Valley Classes

Classes will run in 4 week increments with the next set of classes starting the week after the last one ended. (I will not hold classes on the day of a Major holiday i.e. 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas)

Please call Chehalem Park and Rec. at the Newberg Pool to sign up, or Click here


If you are striving to raise and train a happy, healthy and well adjusted canine, this class is for you.  In class we will learn how to keep your dog's attention and focus.  We will work on teaching your dog:  sit, stay, come and heel.  We will also work on 'leave it', as well as how to have your dog wait politely for you at the door.  Learn about your dog's body language, and what your dog is really saying.  Your dog will also learn more doggy social skills, as well as polite people skills.

The training method focuses on using positive reinforcement by use of a clicker.  Clicker training is free from any violence or harsh corrections.  The best thing about clicker training is the results you and your dog will achieve, plus you will have so much fun!! Instructor will provide clicker, you provide your dogs favorite treats. 

Dog training for obedience is the very best thing you can do for the relationship for you and your dog. 

If you and your dog are ready to learn, sign up today.