Training Programs

Aliesha Shepherd

Family Program
8 Weeks geared to setting you on the right course with your dog, and keeping you there.  
New habits to be formed with plenty of support to keep them in place.  

Fusion courses for you and your family to access on your timeline.
Give your dog one on one dog training with and expert as well as teaching the family how to embrace the training keeping you all on  the same page.

For the family who knows what they want, and are determined to get there, but know that having an expert on your side will help make that happen!

Dog walks with training
Kid programs, teaching the kids how to work with their dog
Giving you in person training access to coursework so you learn on your level.

Wherever you are in life with your family let me help you with meeting the challenges that come with keeping your dog mentally happy, and his physical needs met.  

Naughty to Nice
8 Weeks of personal one on one training for your dog.  

Get your dog's needs met. 
Get training back online with walk & train sessions, 
and Fusion courses for you to learn at your pace. 

Learn how to get the training your dog is getting to stick.

Give yourself a much needed break and a chance to love having your dog again by having me take the walk and train off your plate.

Fix the Holes
6 Weeks to nail down the problems your dog is having. 

Fixing your dog's issues, and restoring peace to the house!

Allow me to help reset your dog.  Ironing out the "ruff" spots to help life run smoother!

 One on one training with an expert is the best way to really fix what is needing to be fixed.