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Group classes
*on hold for summer*
$100.00 - 4 week classes run Saturday mornings 10am. Every month is the start of a new class.  Classes currently max out at 5 dogs per class so sign up as early as possible to avoid sitting on the waiting list. Covers the basics such as their name (getting their attention "come") Leave it, Stay, Heel, and Wait.  Will address current classes other issues as time allows (i.e. barking, jumping, nuisances issues)

Puppy Socializing Class
Come bring your puppy to meet and play with other friendly pups!  $10.00 for an hour play session in a warm, dry building with supervision by me!  We will hold class 11:30 every Saturday mornings after my obedience class. Call the Newberg pool to sign up today!

Private classes

$ 55.00-private consultation
$200.00- 4 weeks one on one training modified to you and your families lifestyle and needs.  Includes working on everything from basics to potty training, reactive  dogs, and problems like resource guarding.  Currently taking new clients. Dates and time can be adjusted with each client.  
To sign up call Aliesha at 971-282-5721

Service Dog Training

Part Time-160 hours/month-$2,000
Dog spends daytime work hours 5 days a week with me for training the rest of the time the dog is with owner-person being trained for

Full Time-4 months training-$16,000
                    6 months training-$24,000
Puppy lives with me 24/7 and learns basics, as well as anything pertaining to service that it will be providing.  Includes veterinary care, vaccines, and worming as needed to keep up to date, as provided by a veterinarian. 

*Note Service Dogs are dogs trained to do at least 2 disability related tasks that allow you to function in society.  People who are wheelchair bound, diabetic and seizure alert dogs, as well as PTSD dogs, and MS support dogs.  These dogs are viewed legally the same as a blind man's cane or the disabled person's wheelchair.

Emotional support animals (ESA) are not the same as a Service Dog.

For more information call Aliesha at 971-282-5721

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