Works Miracles

by User47637 on January 17, 2012

My dog was extremely unruly. He chewed on everything and would not listen or obey any commands my husband and I gave not matter what training techniques we tried. He was so bad in fact he had been banned from visiting my mother's house. In two weeks Aliesha had my dog following basic commands. By the end of his six weeks he was the best behaved of all the many dogs in my large extended family. He is now more than welcome at all family parties. Aliesha is super patient and has a natural rapport with animals. You will be thrilled with the results she will get from your dog.

Awesome Results

by User56813 on February 27, 2012

My dog had a hard time listening, especially when there were distractions. She also has problems meeting other dogs. The Trainer, more than anything, helped my husband and I know how to let our dog know what we wanted from her. I think we needed the training more than our dog. It's great to know how to handle different things that come up. I would recommend this training to anyone, it was awesome!

Unsocialble dog

by User52016 on January 17, 2012

I have a good dog, but she didn't much like other dogs til we took her through this class. She trained quickly and got a chance to play with the other dogs in the class. I think it's a great training method and the teacher knows what she's doing. Thanks!

From Bobbilynn of Lindon:

I used sit spot click after I got my Yorkie puppy Ruby. Originally I just wanted Aliesha to help me know how to house break her  

but once she came and once I saw how awesome she was I hired her on the spot for a 6 week course. Aliesha is great! I felt

 like the advice she gave was awesome and I felt like her knowledge of animals and dogs especially is extensive! She was kind

 and respectful towards me and my little knowledge and helped me know and understand how to train my dog for the best results.

 I feel  like her prices were low and the results were incredible! I was sad when she moved because I had so people asking for 

her info. However, having been one of her clients I can tell you that she will be successful no matter where she is. Aliesha is